Feeling sharper is bringing positive results











I’m in to week 3 of my experiment in May. Last week I was seriously questioning whether this had actually been of any benefit of all. However in the past few days, things seem to have taken a positive turn and I’m starting to feel smug. Not quite American Psycho smug (pictured) but not too bad either.  The running seems to be paying off. I’ve now completed 45 miles for the month against a target of 62 with nine days to go. Stupidly I forgot to do an official weigh-in on Friday, but I’ll do one this week. My clothes are feeling a little less snug and I’ve stopped eating bread, which I’m convinced is FullSizeRendermaking me feel sluggish. I do feel a whole lot sharper. This has also benefitted my Phd study. I spend two intense days drafting an introduction. I managed (so far) to get almost 6,000 words down and managed to get a (short) run in both days. Sketching out the introduction has increased my confidence in my knowledge of the subject and helped my identify areas of extra reading. Diet wise I could still eat a little less and lay of the beers at weekends, but that would make life a little boring. So this project is to see whether:

  1. Small changes are habit forming
  1. A healthy diet would make me feel better
  1. More exercise would make me feel better
  1. Organising my time better would lead to benefits – particularly to my PhD study
  1. Getting up earlier – because it is supposed to make you superhuman
  1. And loads of other stuff that I can’t possibly believe but hey, let’s see…

Broadly on these points they are working. Point 1, definitely, Point 2, definitely, Point 3, definitely. Point 4, needs work. Point 5, needs a lot of work. Point 6, areas of improvement include better motivation, increased confidence and reduced stress. Nine days to go, lets see where they take me and I’ll write my conclusion…